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Loaning Project

SAMA growth investment runs a financial institution project formed in 2014 which provides opportunities to thousands of families gradually uplifting them out of poverty and elevating them to improved living standards through microfinance. We aim to unlock the potential of each and every individual that we come across through giving them the financial support and boost they require. SAMA Growth operates an online loaning app, catering to the rising credit requirements of underserved markets through its diversified offerings. We provide flexible accessible low interest loans enabling services to a vast customer based. We have so far been able to provide financial support to over 100,000 individuals and families supporting entrepreneurs and small business owners to invest in their future. SAMA is invested in sustainability and touching the lives of all our clients in a very impactful way. We pride ourselves on how fast we can easily finance your business with zero hassle, less procedures and few paper-works. Tree Project

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